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"The Brandistock is a three-pronged spear weapon capable of delivering massive damage on a thrust. It’s weight and length leave it somewhat slow to strike."

The Brandistock is the third unlockable Spear Primary for the Vanguard.

Like the other spear weapons, the Brandistock does not have a overhead strike. Instead, it has a very powerful high-range thrust which can kill most enemies in around 2 blows. It still maintains its primary thrust, which is a much quicker variant and should be used as the weapon's primary means of attack.

Since it does so much damage and features so much range, the sprint attack of a bandistock is one of the most deadly in the game (usually an instant kill) assuming you can follow your targets well. However, this takes much skill to execute, as the attack path is narrow and features a long wind up.

Due to its appearance, it is occasionally mistaken as a trident.