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"The Claymore is a long and iconic Scottish two-hander that strikes quickly for its size and with moderate damage."[1]

Arguably one of the most famous two-handed blades of history, the Claymore is the second unlockable double-handed sword for the Vanguard. In exchange for its one-hit-kill capacity and some range, the Claymore gains a faster swing speed than other two handed swords in its class. While this may seem as an obvious setback, the added speed creates two new possibilities for the two handed blade: quicker swings makes for more oppotunities to kill in crowd situations (with well-timed combos), and more importantly a quicker thrust to tear through enemy Knights and Vanguards. The faster swing makes the sprint attack easier to time than others of its class, though be mindful of the weapon's shorter range.

The stab in particular is an extremely effective and is recommended for regular use while using the Claymore.

Its performance is loosely comparable to the Bearded Axe, which does more damage thanks to its damage typing, but loses the ability to stab.

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Charge type

  • Swing: 100

Base damage

  • Primary/swing: 75
  • Secondary/swing: 85
  • Teirtairy/Pierce: 70