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The Slaughter of Coxwell is a Team Objective-mode map that was released with Chivalry II. The map is generally considered to be attacker-friendly. The map involves the Mason Order looting and ransacking the Agathian village of Coxwell. Twice during the game the defenders can play the role of the village’s peasants.

  • Opening Description: “The Mason Order seeks to make a brutal example of the peaceful village of Coxwell after it declared support for Argon II”
  • Attackers: Mason Order
  • Defenders: Agatha Knights


Coxwell has five stages.

Burn the Village

Thanks for nothing, Jeffrey — Unknown Villager

At the start of the map, Agatha players will spawn as peasants armed with farm tools and confront a Mason ambush in the fields before the village. Subsequent respawns will place the defenders behind a wooden palisade surrounding the village, the gates of which must be destroyed by the attackers.

Once the gates are open, the attackers must fight their way through the village to one of two ignitable pyres from which they can grab torches which can be thrown to burn the houses in the village. The defenders can extinguish the pyres.

Breach the Gates

The Masons must destroy a gate in order to gain access to the greater part of the village. On either side of the gate there is a Ballista that can be used by the defenders as well as 3 Constructable Ladders. The gatehouse has rock piles and barrels that can be thrown in enemies attacking the gate.

Steal the Gold I

The Masons must steal multiple chests of gold and return them to a cart in the centre of the village, The gold can be taken from one of two carts on the Agatha side of the map, as well as from some NPC peasants wandering the streets.

Each chest stolen will provide the player with 75 points. Defending players can also return chests dropped on the ground to either of their carts for 75 points.

Steal the Gold II

The Masons must steal more gold, this time from a market where the gold is scattered in various stalls and around a central statue. There are three entrances to the market.

Each piece of gold stolen nets the player 100 points. The gold does not need to be brought anywhere and cannot be “returned” by the Agathians.

Eliminate the Soldiers

The Masons must assault a small fortress on top of the hill overlooking the market and kill 100 Agathian soldiers within time. From the market, the Masons must destroy a small gate and/or raise two constructable ladders to reach the hill. The fortress itself has two gates that can be destroyed as well as several constructable ladders on either side. The fortress is defended by two ballistas as well as throwable rocks and barrels.

Once the Masons have breached the gates, the fighting takes place in a courtyard area. The Agathians have 100 shared lives between them. Once that number is spent, they respawn as peasants. The game will end when time runs out or once the last Agathian soldier is killed.


Attackers (Masons)

Burn the Village

  • Don’t chase hiding peasants. They are of no use to their team.
  • Some Masons will spawn with torches in hand. Save those for the houses.
  • Once a gate is open try and rush the nearest pyre before the defenders have a chance to regroup.
  • Try to burn the furthest houses first so that subsequent torch bearers have less distance to travel.

Destroy the Gate

  • Engineers can bring the gate down quickly.
  • Focus on the gate, don’t worry too much about the walls.

Steal the Gold I

  • Pick up dropped chests and look for peasants carrying chests.
  • If having difficulty, focus on one cart at a time. The defenders will have difficulty moving between the two carts.
  • The right cart has a more direct route back than the left one.

Steal the Gold II

  • Many pieces of gold can be taken from behind or even above the stall. You don’t need to be right next to it.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, rush the back pieces of gold since they are harder to get.

Eliminate the Soldiers

  • Make opening the gates a priority as the walls can be hard to take on their own. Engineers can help with this.
  • Keep an eye out for soldiers trying to hide. Common hiding spots include the two outhouses on either side of the fortress, and behind engineer barricades either against the wall of the keep or on the platforms on either side of the gate.

Defenders (Agatha)

Defend the Village

  • Die quickly as a peasant to respawn as a soldier inside the town.
  • Try to immediately extinguished any lit pyres.
  • Engineers can build barricades around the pyres to make them harder to access.
  • Use communication to warn of incoming attacker waves.
  • Attack torch bearers to try and get them to drop their torches,

Defend the Gate

  • Fire arrows and drop rocks and fire on attackers at the gate.
  • When possible, drop down from the walls and attack the rear of anyone at the gate.
  • Beware the trap above the gate on the inside when it opens,

Defend the Gold I

  • If possible, fight toward the centre cart. This will be difficult; otherwise try and communicate to evenly distribute defences between the two interior carts.
  • Make it a priority to return and gold chests dropped by the attackers to your carts.

Defend the Gold II

  • The gold in the middle and rear of the map is defensible. Stay back and watch where the Masons are coming.
  • Engineers barricades can be somewhat effective, but some gold can be reached from behind the stalls and at some distance so it may be more effective to place barricades along paths.

Survive the Assault

  • Treat every life as indispensable and avoid taking risks unless you can save other Agathian lives.
  • Do not drop down to the hill; let the Masons scale the walls and destroy the gate.
  • Once your forces dwindle and peasants start spawning, move near the spawn points and try and let the peasants body block the remaining soldiers.
  • It is possible to hide in the outhouses or sometimes against a wall with engineer barricades, though these are usually discovered before time runs out.


  • Prior to patch 2.1.0, Agathians who survived in the market after the Steal the Gold II stage did not have any map boundaries, and thus could run to prior stages of the map without despawning. If an Agatha player managed to do this, it would become impossible for the Masons to win,
  • Prior to patch 2.1.0, a bench in the market during the Steal the Gold II stage would shrink any player who sat on it. Players could shrink multiple times by sitting on the bench after being knocked down and revived.