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There are six different game types with each of these game types inciting a different type of play.

Team Objective

In Team Objective you'll be playing as the attacking or defending team and try to accomplish your teams objective, be it burning and pillaging a village or defending your castle.

Team Deathmatch

Each team fights towards one goal; exterminating their enemies, each team has a certain number of lives and once those run out the surviving team wins.

Last Man Standing

Fight to be the final team alive in this large-scale, round-based fighting mode.

Free For All

It is a "no holds barred" contest of might where the player with the highest score comes out on top.


Smaller-scale battles with a focus on teamwork, winners determined by the first to win 5 rounds.


Drop your sword and pick up anything in arms reach. Everything becomes a weapon, including your fists.