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The Siege of Rudhelm is a Team Objective-mode map that was released with Chivalry II. It is generally considered a well-balanced map. The map features a playable Mason Heir, a VIP who is offered to the top-scoring Mason player at the time Agatha succeeds on the penultimate courtyard.

  • Opening Description: “After weeks of siege Agathian forces begin a final assault upon a Mason stronghold defended by the Mason Heir”
  • Attackers: Agatha Knights
  • Defenders: Mason Order


Rudhelm has a total of six stages.

Push the Siege Towers

Agatha must Push two wooden siege towers through a battlefield up to the city wall. Once either of the siege towers reaches the wall, the objective will complete and the other tower will move up on its own. There is a Catapult on the Agatha side of the battlefield.

Capture the Gatehouse

Agatha must climb the siege towers or Constructable Ladders and Capture the gatehouse. The gatehouse consists of two separate two-story buildings. Only the area inside or directly in front of the buildings counts as the capture point. Once captured, the gate will open and two siege ramps will slowly move on their own into the middle of the encampment.

Burn the Tents

Agatha must grab torches from one of two pyres and Burn the Mason encampment at the foot of the gatehouse.

Push the Siege Ramps

Agatha must push two siege ramps through the city and up to the walls of the keep. Each siege ramp takes a unique path. Once one of the siege ramps reaches the walls, the objective will complete and the other will automatically move up. The city features multiple flanking routes between the paths. A Ballista overlooks part of the left (from Agatha perspective) path.

Capture the Courtyard

Agatha must capture a large open courtyard featuring a gallows in the middle. The objective point is identifiable as a stone circle around the gallows.

Kill the Heir

The top-scoring Mason player at the time Agatha captures the Courtyard will be offered the role of the Heir, a VIP character. Like other VIPs, the Heir is taller than other characters, has additional health, unique voice lines, and cannot be interrupted. The Heir will spawns in front of the rock throne at the rear of the throne room. He may move up the stairs on the left and right sides of the throne room, but as of the Galencourt update cannot access the back rooms without the risk of despawning.

Agatha wins by killing the Heir.


Attackers (Agatha)

Push the Siege Towers

  • It only takes one person to push a tower, so if the Masons are overconcentrated on one tower, move to the other.
  • Use the catapult to clear Mason-infested towers and also hit the Mason spawn exit.

Capture the Gatehouse

  • It is essential to keep the area in front of the siege towers cleared so reinforcements can enter the gatehouse.
  • If facing heavy resistance, moving upstairs can keep you alive until reinforcements arrive. You can also retreat to the other gatehouse, which might have more allied presence.
  • Engineers can fortify the stairways leading up to the gatehouse.
  • Use the ladders if the siege towers are too crowded.

Burn the Tents

  • If the Masons push you off both pyres, concentrate on one to clear it and get torches moving.
  • There are lots of paths to take to reach any of the tents, so take the one of lease resistance.
  • Try and focus on the objective here, to save time for the next stage.

Push the Siege Ramps

  • This stage is a war of attrition. There is a lot of time on the clock, but also a lot of ground to cover. Keep things moving as much as possible.
  • Use the icons to see if either siege ramp is stalled, and try and get it moving.
  • Use the many flanking routes to try and surround Masons defending a siege ramp.
  • Once both siege ramps have passed the tree in the square, concentrate fighting around them. It is easy for players to move between them to make sure at least one is always moving.

Capture the Courtyard

  • The ballista can provide effective fire on Masons from the entrance.
  • Though the entrance provides a good vantage point for Archers, their presence is usually better suited at the sides where they can rush onto the point at critical moments.

Kill the Heir

  • Try and push the Heir into a corner, but be wary if they try to escape to the other side of the map.
  • Spawn points will alternate between the left and right sides of the throne room, use the icon to identify where the heir is and try to avoid tangential fights.
  • Firepots are essential for harassing the Heir and clumping defenders.
  • The chandeliers in the throne room can be dropped on unsuspecting defenders.

Defenders (Masons)

Though every stage of the map is winnable for the Masons, the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth stages are easier to win for the defenders than the first and third stage.

Stop the Siege Towers

  • Good team coordination is necessary as the left and right siege towers are quite far apart and defenders will often sit idle at one tower while the other moves.
  • If Agathians are cleared from one tower (or there are sufficient Mason forces to wipe up any stragglers), check to see whether the other tower is moving and whether it would be better to assist there.

Defend the Gatehouse

  • Try and repulse Agathians when they are on the siege towers. Firepots are very helpful here. Jumping up on a siege tower and preventing them from coming up the narrow path is also possible.
  • Make sure to check the upstairs of the gatehouse for any stragglers.
  • Archers are well protected firing from the second floor windows.

Defend the Tents

  • This is the most difficult stage for the Masons to win, but a prolonged defence can be helpful in reducing time for Agatha in the next stage.
  • It is easier to keep the Agathians from grabbing torches from the pyres on the fires than it is to prevent them from throwing torches on the tents.
  • Engineer walls can be built around the small tents to make it more difficult to land torches on them. It is also possible to block incoming torches.

Stop the Siege Ramps

  • This is a long objective, but the siege ramps also have a long way to travel. Treat this stage as a war of attrition.
  • Rely on the HUD icons to see which ramp is moving or more advanced, and concentrate defence there.
  • Make use of the multiple flanking paths to surround Agathians pushing siege ramps.

Defend the Courtyard

  • As a general strategy, a layered defence pushing as far up to the entrance to the courtyard as possible is ideal.
  • If losing, make sure as much as your team gets on the objective as possible. The area behind the gallows is well protected from archers.
  • The height advantage offered by the gallows can be used to great effect by polemen.
  • Engineers can fortify the steps leading up to the gallows.
  • Archers should focus on the ballista and other archers up on the entrance walls.

Protect the Heir

  • If playing the Heir:
    • Taking a shield from an ally will provide protection from arrows.
    • The pillars at the top of each stairway provides decent archer cover, but is susceptible to firepots.
    • If your team is about to be destroyed, jump down and sprint across to the opposite stairway where your team can hopefully regroup.
    • Try to avoid being pushed into the back rooms upstairs, your allies can inadvertently block you in causing you to despawn.
    • Watch out for the chandeliers!
  • If supporting the Heir:
    • Medkits and banners can be very effective at providing Healing to the Heir.
    • Do not crowd around the Heir. You can expect many firepots to be thrown at him. Try and push the Agathians towards the second floor entrances and down the stairways to provide breathing room and avoid reinforcements from becoming trapped behind the Heir.
    • Shield-bearing classes can be useful in deflecting incoming projectiles targeting the Heir.

High Resolution Rudhelm & Objective Overviews