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This has been dubbed by some as "The Tickler"

This is by far one of the better bladed secondaries to wield, it is a very well rounded secondary that can hold it's own on the field with a decent amount of skill.

It's parries and ripostes are exceptionally quick.

It affords the wielder slightly less than dagger like speed, whilst offering a bit more range and power than dagger weapons.

This is quite the duelist's weapon as it grants a skilled user the means to totally outpace heavier weapons whilst rivaling the range of lighter weapons.

The saber, though well rounded, can be weak due to it's mildly lackluster damage. Make sure to maximize damage output by using swings and overheads against light classes and lots of stabs against heavy classes.

This secondary is currently available to every class except the Knight.

PS: Do not underestimate this weapon in the hands of a Vanguard.

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