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Team Objective (or TO) maps cast one of the two sides – Masons or Agathians – as attackers who must accomplish a series of objectives within a limited amount of time. The other side plays the role of the defenders who must prevent the attacker’s from succeeding.


Each stage of each map must be accomplished by the attackers within a set amount of time. The time for accomplishing a given objective is partially cumulative, meaning that generally more time spent on a prior objective will result in less time to complete a subsequent objective.

Upon completing an objective, time will be added to the clock for the next stage.

Maps in Chivalry II

Presently there are six TO Maps in the game:

Team Objective maps can be played in the 64-player mixed mode rotation through matchmaking and the PC-only server browser. The maps are also available in a 40-player mode in the server browser.

Objectives in Chivalry II

TO maps currently feature the following types of objectives.


Burn objectives require the attackers to throw torches on a number of objects found on the map. The torches are obtained from pyres. On Coxwell, the pyres must be lit by using them for a few seconds. The Coxwell pyres can also be extinguished by the defenders. On other maps, the pyres are permanently lit.

A player receives 100 points for successfully burning an object.

A player cannot use 2-handed weapons while carrying a torch. Torches can be blocked after they are thrown to prevent them from triggering the objective.

Found on: Coxwell (village houses), Darkforest (barricade), Rudhelm (tents)


Capture objectives require the attackers to outnumber the defenders on one or more designated areas, and to hold that objective for a set amount of time in order to fill the capture bar. If the defenders recapture the point, the capture bar will slowly tick down.

Both attackers and defenders receive 10 points for every few seconds they stand on the capture point.

Found on: Darkforest (gatehouse), Falmire (bridge), Galencourt (walls), Lionspire (courtyard), Rudhelm (gatehouse, courtyard)

Destroy (Object)

Destroy object objectives feature one or more destructible objects that must be hit repeatedly until they are destroyed.

Some destroy objects award points for each hit made on them. Others only award points to the player to land the final hit.

Found on: Darkforest (barricade), Falmire (cages), Galencourt (relics, tomb), Lionspire (banners)

Destroy (Gates)

Destroy gates objectives require the attackers to destroy one or more sets of gates. Some gates can only be destroyed by catapults, battering rams, and/or petards/explosives, while other gates must be repeatedly hit by handheld weapons.

Players receive points for successfully damaging the gates.

When carrying petards or explosive barrels, the player is defenceless.

Found on: Coxwell, Darkforest, Falmire (second and fifth stages), Galencourt, Lionspire


Escape objectives require the attackers to escort a VIP character to a specific point. Defenders win either by killing the VIP or running out the clock. Currently, Falmire is the only map with this objective.

Found on: Falmire


Ignite objectives require the attackers to “ignite” explosives placed next to objects by using them. Once lit, a countdown timer will begin. Defenders can extinguish the fuse. If the fuse reaches the end of the timer an explosion will kill all nearby players (though this will not count as a death for Score purposes).

Players receive 75 points for igniting the fuse and an additional amount if the objective explodes.

Found on: Lionspire (trebuchets), Galencourt (ships)


Kill objectives require the attackers to kill one or more opposing the players. In the case of Darkforest and Rudhelm, a specific VIP must be killed. In the case of Coxwell, the Masons must kill a fixed number of Agathian soliders.

Found on: Coxwell, Darkforest, Rudhelm


Open objectives require the attackers to open an object by using a nearby mechanism. Currently, the only open objective is on Falmire.

It is also possible to bypass the destroy gates objective on the fifth stage of Falmire by using a switch found inside the side gate.

Found on: Falmire


Push objectives require the attackers to move an object along a set path by standing next to it. As with capture objectives, nearby attackers must outnumber the defenders for the object to move. Attackers gain 10 points every few seconds the objective is moving.

Found on: Darkforest (convoy), Lionspire (battering rams), Rudhelm (siege towers, siege ramps


Steal objectives require the attackers to steal objects guarded by the defenders. Currently, Coxwell is the only map with a steal objective. This occurs on two stages, the first requires the Masons to steal gold chests from one of two wagons and return them to their own wagon. The second requires the Masons to steal gold scattered around a marketplace by “using” it.

Found on: Coxwell