Weapons (Chivalry II)

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Chivalry II currently features 38 primary weapons wielded by the game's four classes. Additionally, numerous in game objects may be picked up and various wielded or thrown.

The game's weapons are divided into two-handed, one-handed, and ranged/thrown weapons.

Primary weapon damage values are available on this spreadsheet.

Two-Handed Weapons

Two-Handed Weapons
Weapon Name Used By
Battle Axe Devastator, Crusader
Dane Axe Raider
Executioners Axe Devastator, Crusader
Glaive Raider, Poleman
Greatsword Devastator
Halberd Poleman
Heavy Mace Officer
Highland Sword Devastator
Longsword Officer
Maul Devastator
Messer Raider, Crusader
Poleaxe Officer
Polehammer Poleman
Shovel Engineer
Sledgehammer Engineer
Spear Poleman
Two-Handed Hammer Raider, Crusader
War Axe Officer
War Club Devastator

One-Handed Weapons

One-Handed Weapons
Weapon Name Used By
Axe Crossbowman, Crusader, Guardian, Man-At-Arms, Officer, Skirmisher
Cudgel Ambusher, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Poleman, Officer
Dagger Ambusher
Falchion Crusader, Man-At-Arms, Skirmisher
Hatchet Ambusher, Longbowman, Poleman, Guardian
Knife Crossbowman, Devastator, Longbowman, Poleman, Man-At-Arms, Skirmisher
Mace Guardian, Man-At-Arms, Officer, Skirmisher
Morning Star Crusader, Man-At-Arms
One-Handed Spear Guardian, Man-At-Arms
Pick Axe Engineer
Rapier Man-At-Arms
Shortsword Ambusher, Crossbowman, Longbowman, Guardian, Man-At-Arms, Poleman
Sword Man-At-Arms, Officer
Warhammer Guardian

Ranged Weapons/Thrown

Thrown and Ranged Weapons
Weapon Name Used By
Bow Longbowman
Crossbow Crossbowman
Javelin Skirmisher
Mallet Devastator
Throwing Axe Skirmisher, Crusader
Throwing Knife Ambusher, Officer
War Bow Longbowman