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Founding of Agatha

Due to the death of King Alfonso Argon, ruler of Agatha, a power vacuum was created. Sensing opportunity, the Mason Order, led by General Malric Terrowin, eagerly filled the void. By the time of the return of the remainder of the Agathian army, the Masons and their loyalists controlled most of the eastern half of Agatha while loyalists supporting the dynasty of Argon held the west. This dispute led to the Agathain Civil War and Agatha as it is known today.

The Kingdom's eight provinces, once independent kingdoms, were united under King Argon I. The continent of Agatha is bordered to the West by a great ocean, and to the South by a "desert sea" – on the other side of which lies "Tenosia.” Maxis is located in the east, and the Alistar Republic further north. A continent known as the Commonwealth of Arga exists on a peninsula located between the Alistar Republic and the Crusaders of Helgen.

Provinces of the Agathian Empire

Olde Agatha

The ice capped northern reaches of the Kingdom are where the great uniter, the late King Argon, hailed from. The Pale Mountains to the west, the Blue Mountains to the east, and endless fields of ice to the north act as natural barriers to this heartland of rough and tumble Agathian loyalty. Although Argon's kin were purged by Malric in the civil war, some claiming distant relation to Argon began to come forward when young Argon II stepped out of the shadows to take the mantle of Lord of Olde Agatha.


In-game maps in this region: Lionspire Important battles: Battlegrounds of Summerhill

The region of Irilla is home to glittering ores and awe inspiring valleys. Her people are as devoted to The Church as they are to fine craftsmanship. When Argon united the kingdom he made Irilla, already home of the church, the capital of the kingdom, its central location and natural defenses made it the logical choice, though some say Pope Geoff I's influence was the true reason. Parodin (Wardenglade, Coxwell, Galencourt, Tournament Grounds) The unassuming rolling pastoral hills of Parodin are host to strong willed trading hubs such as Coxwell and Summerhill. Historically Parodin's towns and cities have very little in the way of militant fortifications and are welcoming of any outsider bringing in coin or trade goods. Indeed, Parodin holds the purse strings of the Kingdom, the hawkish merchantile lords and well worn trade routes are key to holding power over the Kingdom.


In-game maps in this region: Fighting Pit

Barema's population lives almost entirely along its coasts, maintaining traditional fishing lifestyles. Nearly all naval commanders the Kingdom has seen come out of Barema, they say they're born on the sea and feel uneasy on land. The regions interior, dotted with ancient ruins and said to have been lush and green in ages past, holds little life to this day.

Provinces loyal to the Mason Order


In-game maps in this region: Dark Forest, Rudhelm

Known for its seemingly endless impenetrable forests, old hilltop forts, and grand utilitarian castles, Arathane is the seat of Mason power and Malric's home region. The noble houses of Arathane are ancestral rivals to Olde Agatha.


Known for its military prowess, Vantear sits at the eastern reach of the Kingdom. Defiant to the end it was the last to be united under Argon and the first to declare support for Malric. Famous siege engineers and armorers are proud to come from this boggy land of little value. What crops are managed to be grown here sustain its people and fuel their pride in what they've built up from what others see as just fields of mud.


In-game maps in this region: Falmire

Endless cold streams of sea wind chill the untamed wilds of Ramnor, rolling fogs blot the seemingly daily duels in city streets. The people are prideful to a fault, they will as soon duel to the death as form a militia to march against unpopular officials. The life expectancy in Ramnor for the naive is known to be very short indeed. The wild lands of the interior were rumored to hold secrets.


To outsiders, Marinar looks like little more than a worthless dry waste land, but the natives have carved out their own unique way of life here working together to a future where the waters could one day return the dry basins of the region. Argon's interest in Marinar was purely strategic, to the south lies the dune sea, the nearly impassible stretch of land being the only thing separating Tenosia from The Kingdom. After the colossal failure of Argon's Crusade, Marinar sits sentinel against potential Tenosian retaliation and some still see it as a launching pad for future campaigns against the strange foreign lands.


See Tenosia.