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Create Game is a game mode inside the Main Menu. Instead of it's online counterpart, Join Game, Create Game is a more single-player version, pitting the player against AI Bots.

Creating a Game

It is very easy to create a game. First, the player chooses a map , and then the corresponding game types that fit with the map. Some maps have different game types, and the player will not be able to customize which game type they will play on each map.


The Arftificial Intelligence, also known as Bots, can be added into the game. Up to 64 Bots can be added to a game, allowing for intense battles. (However, the more Bots a person adds in, the more laggy the game will be.) The Bots choose their own classes, and have randomized names.

Bots are quite formidible in combat, and in large groups can easily overrun the player. However, their intelligence is obviously subpar to that of a human's and they tend to make large mistakes. If a skilled player times their attacks and blocks perfectly, Bots can be relatively easy to kill, depending on the class.