Heavy Crossbow

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'" 'The Heavy Crossbow is very slow to reload, but delivers devastating ranged power that is unmatched on the battlefield."[1]

The Heavy Crossbow is one of the best defensive-siege type weapons in the game, especially if there's a height advantage of some sort at play. The Heavy Crossbow prides itself on being able to take down almost any unit with a well placed shot with no regard for range. The reload required between each shot is much shorter than many assume, though still the longest of all crossbows. The Heavy Crossbow is best used on large fields, and plays akin to a "sniper rifle" of sorts without a scope. This is a relatively situational weapon, but one that can generate much success with headshots which will kill anyone instantly making it the only way to one shot a knight. Torso shot can kill a Man at Arms and Archer but not a Vanguard, who will be very close to death.


It is the only Crossbow which requires a crank to pull the string, giving it a very unique reloading animation. This spanning mechanism is called a "Cranequin" or a "Rack and Pinion".

The Heavy Crossbow's reload time is 5.2s.


Attack Damage Type